Pre-moot: I was there!

 While awaiting the XXV edition of Willem C. Vis Moot in Vienna, the traditional appointment with the pre-moot (student competition of simulated arbitration) organized by the Italian Association for Arbitration and by the Arbitration Chamber was held in Rome. The competition hosted students from the most prominent Italian and European universities. Our firm, like every year, gave its support in sponsoring the event, with the participation of its professionals in the hearings, as arbitrators.
Giuseppina Leoncavallo tells us:

It is hard to put into words the exciting world of the Pre-Vis Moot and the emotion of participating as arbitrator in such a prestigious and challenging competition.

I learnt that the pre-moot gave the team members the precious opportunity to test their arguments in front of arbitrators who tried to challenge them and push their oral advocacy skills to the next level. And they are sincerely happy to learn! 

I had the pleasure of attending a pre-moot in Rome, during the competition between Belgrade University’s and Università Statale di Milano.   

I must admit that I met all highly intelligent guys very prepared, and I was quite amazed. Those guys are incredibly shifted to the employment, and their mindset appears as amazingly mature, specifically about the dynamics of the arbitration proceeding.

From my personal point of view, it was very emotional sitting in a huge desk in front of so enthusiastic young guys.  

Moreover, participating in the Vis is a transnational accreditation that, throughout the years, allowed students to end up in the world’s leading law firms, specifically in their arbitration departments and honestly I think It would be a very good deal for both parties!

So, good luck and may the best man win!

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