Newsletter dell’Arbitration Team

9 November 2020

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Milan Chamber of Arbitration Simplified Arbitration procedure

By Nicola Naccari

On July 1, 2020, the Simplified Arbitration procedure introduced by the Milan Chamber of Arbitration (CAM) came into force with the aim of “offering companies and citizens a leaner and faster procedure to solve disputes, with a cheaper price list.” Nicola Naccari

New ICSID arbitration registered against ‘Bel Paese’ for presumed breaches of Energy Charter Treaty’s obligations in the context of the solar energy industry: “Chronicle of a Death Foretold”?

By Federica Bocci

On 6 October 2020, another case against the Republic of Italy was registered at ICSID. In the wake of the Achmea Decision and of the latest release on 29 October 2020 of the EU Advocate General’s opinion within the preliminary ruling of the CJEU sought by the Court of Lazio, is this new case a “Chronicle of a Death Foretold”?

Italian Supreme Court no. 20104 of 24 September 2020

By Andrea Salvemini

According to the First Division of the Italian Supreme Court, the issue concerning the beginning of the “long time-limit” for challenging arbitration awards is open interpretation and represents an issue of particular significance worthy of submission to the Joint Division of the Italian Supreme Court, pursuant to Article 374, paragraph 2, of the Italian Code of Civil Procedure. This was stated in the order of the Supreme Court no. 20104 of 24 September 2020.


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